Print your spotify cards at home in four simple steps:

1. Select or upload your desired card design.

2. Import your spotify song or playlist url into the system.

3. Personalize your cards effortlessly using our user-friendly card editor.

4. Download and print your customized spotify cards in PDF format at the comfort of your home.

Step 1: Choose a Template or Upload Your Own

You will be able to customize your fonts and colors later.


Preview Selected Card

Explore and customize the appearance of the selected card before proceeding.

Step 2: Enter your song or playlist URL

You can enter text below or upload an Excel file.

You're going to need a Spotify URI for the track you want. How do you get one?

Follow these steps:

  1. Mobile: Push on the 'Share' button, then 'More', and finally 'Copy link'
  2. Desktop: Click the three dots next to the song, then 'Share' and 'Copy Song Link', or copy directly from the browser

Copy Spotify URI: On desktop, press ALT while going to the 'Copy Song Link' button

Use Track ID: Take only the ID itself for the track. The resulting URI should be something like<track_id> or spotify:track:<track_id>

Step 3: Check Song List

If the names look right, you are good to go! Otherwise, try editing the file/text above.

Song NameArtist NameCover Image
SinnerNu AspectCover for Sinner
PhoneMEDUZACover for Phone
RunATBCover for Run
ExhaleT. MatthiasCover for Exhale

Step 4: Preview and Customize Cards

Change your fonts, colors, card layout, and more!

Cover Image

You Raise Me Up


Bottom Image
Background 1
Background 2
Background 3
Background 4
Background 5
Background 6
Background 7
Background 8
Background 9
Background 10
Background 11
Background 12
Background 13
Background 14
Background 15
Background 16
Background 17

Spotify Cards Previews

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