Create Your Own Unique Spotify Plaque Card Designs

How to create a customized spotify plaque cards with your own design using Spotify plaque maker online.

Not happy with our existing selection of spotify plaque card designs? Or just wanting to create something truly unique that perfectly represents your wedding, company, or event? We've got you covered!

Uploading your own design to ShareGift is very simple. First, inside our ShareGift-Spotify plaque click "Upload Your Own" at the top of the page.

Click this link in our ShareGift-Spotify plaque to use your own template.

Once here you can simply drag and drop an image file onto the dialog that pops up, or click to browse from your computer.

File Formats

Any valid image file format (.jpg, .png, .tiff, .svg, etc.) should work. PDFs, Word documents, and other file types are not supported and should be converted to images first.

Image Sizes

A good starting size to use is 1400 x 800 (width x height) for a single face, or 1400 x 1600 for two-sided foldable cards.

If you need to go smaller, we recommend making sure your image is at least 800 pixels wide.

Images that are very large (e.g. more than 2000px) can cause very large PDF downloads and print errors, so we recommend sticking with the range above.

Cutting, Printing and the Rest

Head on over to our "how it works" page for information about paper, cutting, printing and any other details related to your place cards.

Happy spotify-plaque-card-making!